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2008-01-20, 04:50 PM
OK, first try wasn't complete. What I'd like to understand is :

a) we all know that the Amy show from 2004 is a sat (mp2) broadcast = shown as - lossy sourced - mpeg files from the tested cdr
- the additional track 09 was analoge fm sourced - shown as cdda ( the pic I added to my previous posting )

The picture added here shows me that

b) my analog radio broadcast recording of the same show = shown as cdda from the tested cdr

c) the pre fm files - of course from the same show - = shown as - lossy sourced (?) - mpeg files from the tested cdr


The FA of the same wav tracks from HDD are completly different and a different used software shows the same result (FA) as seen on
the right pic. (Track 15 analog / pre fm)

So the question is the PRE FM source lossy, is something wrong with the software or am I only too stupid to understand ?
OK, this are three questions in one, but I'd love to understand it anyway.

Sorry for not getting it immediately, but I'm not doing things like that every day twice, so I'm still learning. Stumbled over a (soon removed
/ edited) posting a few hours back requesting to pull this because it seems to be lossy sourced. Before I could send a PM the message
was gone and I didn't remember the user name so I tried to answer myself but all I see is that there are different pictures and one source
seems to be lossy (?) as far as I can understand. Any help is appreciated. (I'm now out with dogs and feeding the cats and the pony ..) later

2008-01-20, 06:58 PM
missing pics

2008-01-25, 11:48 AM
most (read: almost all) recent fm broadcasts are from a lossy source. the fa will look better when its a post-fm source due to noise. the quality of the source files used for open air broadcasts is usually much higher than webcast/satellite quality, and we allow any and all open air sources (so long as they otherwise are okay by the bt seeding rules) even tho we are well aware of the source.

also, you should take a look at the sa, fa is only part of the picture.