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2007-12-13, 11:56 PM
Hey guys,

I think I'll just keep updating this thread everytime I have a question. I really appreciate how helpful and wonderful everyone is here.

Here's the sketchy information I have about this recording. It's rare, but unfortunately, with some rare things: the quality isn't the best...and this one certainly qualifies. Here's the information I have:

Audience > Cassette Master? DAT Master? > ? > Edited? (LPF? at some point at around 15000, see shot) > DAT > Creative WaveRecorder for transfer > Audition for editing > FLAC

Here's the info on the recording: It's from 1993, huge stadium in Tokyo: PACKED. Famous artist, crazy crowd, recorded from right side of the stadium, seems kindof side/backish. Echo-ish, distant-ish, speaker-ish sounding.

Here are the shots. Please let me know what you think? - D

2007-12-14, 01:51 PM
wow that's really crap, looks like one of those early 70s yes shows that circulate...

anyhow, looks lossless fwiw

2007-12-26, 03:13 PM
I put a couple of samples in audio because I cant upload pictures in cool edit..

Thanks and Merry Xmas!

2007-12-26, 03:14 PM
EP 07

2007-12-26, 03:19 PM
EG 07

2007-12-26, 03:20 PM
FF 19

2007-12-28, 08:53 PM
ummm... since you're uploading mp3, it will look lossy. if you can upload samples which are FLAC then we can see if there is any evidence of mp3 in there.

if the files are too big use rapidshare/megaupload/sendspace/zshare or something