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2007-11-03, 08:53 AM

I'm relatively new to this bit torrent stuff, but I was castigated on DAD awhile ago for unknowingly uploading lossy files. They told me a way to check was to use a 'spectral' view in a wav editor. I've just downloaded Thin Mercury.torrent and checked the files and it seems that only tracks 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12 & 14 are lossless. All the other files seem to peak somewhere between 12000 and 16000. Would I be correct in assuming these are lossy or is there a subtle explanation that I'm missing. If they are indeed lossy what if the procedure? message the uploader? message the mods? message the comments on the upload? If the upload is from a silver CD which happens to have a few lossy tracks on it, is that okay?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



2007-11-03, 12:25 PM
There are two ways to go about it. You could post what you wrote in the thread and ask if anyone has noticed it, or you can hit the Report this Post button, http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/report.php?p=720733, and ask the mods to look into it (tell us which tracks you think are lossy and we can download a couple and check). Usually the second way is better because then you make sure the Mods know about the problem. I just looked at a couple of tracks from that show and I'm not sure if they are mp3 sourced. I'm going to post in Staff and have Five, our expert, take a look.

Sometimes you have to be a bit careful when you look at the FA/SA. There can be legitimate reasons for the frequency to be cut off a bit lower than normal (MD in the lineage).

If it is from a Silver CD and there are mpd3 sourced tracks on it, then yes, it would still get pulled.

2007-11-03, 02:14 PM
possible your whole set is lossy... peaking at 12000 or 16000 is still suspicious... but there are times when that happens on a lossless source (not as simple as that).

you can learn a lot reading the older threads in here & looking at what's in the sticky threads at the top of the forum.

at dime you normally report it to the mods, they require a SA and FA to be included last time I checked.