View Full Version : 48kHz files from an EAC rip?

2007-09-26, 09:45 AM
Lineage: Silvers > EAC > wav > flac

The files are 48kHz. Is that possible with the given lineage?

I downloaded four tracks, and there are microgaps at the beginning and end of each of them, which is odd for an EAC rip of a silver.

2007-09-26, 10:08 AM
I can't think of any way that this could be possible, re: ripping with EAC.

And after looking at that freq analysis, that recording is lossy.

2007-09-26, 10:42 AM
Ok, I found another rip of this same boot, and the one on the tracker now <http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=45822> is definitely lossy. The other seed only includes the Vancouver tracks, so I can't compare d2t06 (which is a bonus track from Chicago).

Attached are FA/spectral/waveform screenshots of d1t06, Money, from this other rip.

2007-09-26, 10:45 AM
And here are the FA/spectral/waveform screenshots of d1t06, Money, from torrent 45822.

2007-09-26, 02:41 PM
I think this has been pulled by now.