View Full Version : Reseeding an inactive torrent

2007-09-08, 10:52 PM
If a torrent goes inactive and you have the files is there a way to reseed it without creating a new torrent and thread?

2007-09-08, 11:03 PM
Nathant... I am not any authority. My first torrent here at TTD was exactly the same consditions you have describe. My understanding is that someone will have to create a new torrent (technically, it a "RE-SEED"). Once it goes inactive, I think your cooked. I learned a lot by doing the torrent and it was not that hard. Otherwise, it stays inactive until someone else decides to Re-Seed it by creating a new torrent.

2007-09-08, 11:19 PM
Well I have had torrents go inactive before and reseeded them, but then on my torrent list under my user cp it would list the old inactive torrent and the new one. I want to know why if inactive torrents can't be reseeded they even stay around. Especially after being reseeded. I figured there might be a way to do it without starting a new thread.

2007-09-08, 11:23 PM
Once a show is moved out of the ABT or VBT forum, the torrent file is gone, gone, gone. So, if you wish to reseed it, a new torrent file must be made and a new thread made (with the Reseed option checked).

Nathant, I'm not sure which list you are talking about. There is a list of your last 10 torrents and some of those are active (still on the tracker), and some are not (no longer on the tracker). Then there is the list of Active torrents (you need to click to open it) and that only lists torrents still on the tracker.

2007-09-08, 11:24 PM
Well that kinda sucks. Oh well, thanks Lynne.