View Full Version : Lossy generation in this lineage ?

2007-08-05, 11:00 AM
I recently got a show of the Smashing Pumpkins which was known to circulate but neither on the SP hub nor on torrent sites.

From what I know it should be from the 32 kHz DAT referenced on this page :
It's shouldn't be the DAT-3>Flac transfer but the DAT-?>CD-R one.

However the SA and FA of my version don't look very natural.
There's no cut off at 15 kHz but something's clearly missing.

Here's a link to an extract of about 15 seconds :

And some screenshots of FA and SA.
I'm really not comfortable with it so I hope I made it the right way.

2007-08-07, 10:56 AM
that looks lossy for sure to me

looks like a lower quality MD (atrac) gen in the lineage

2007-08-07, 01:18 PM
the spectrum above 15kHz looks really bad to me
not at all like dat 32 kHz posted on this forum
maybe its the md version in fact...