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2007-07-24, 03:08 PM
OK guys... I need some help, because I'm clueless as to what to do. I recently downloaded ONES to use burning DVDs and CDs, and when I first got it and started using it, it worked great. But today, I went to try and burn a new DVD, and the program will not recognized my DVD burner. It says "No drives found in the system." And whenever I have the program search for drives, it doesn't find anything.

My DVD drive is working, as I've put in DVDs and watched them with no problem. Anybody have any suggestions on how I can get ONES to recognize my driver again so I can burn stuff? It recognized it with no problem when I first downloaded the program (on Sunday), but now all of a sudden I get nothing and can't burn at all. Please help, it will be great appreciated.

2007-07-24, 04:26 PM
Use Nero.

2007-07-24, 05:14 PM
Use Nero.

That was helpful... :rolleyes:

2007-07-24, 06:24 PM
its probably the atapi driver - check the pref/options of the program.

2007-07-24, 06:42 PM
its probably the atapi driver - check the pref/options of the program.'

BINGO! Switched it to SPTI... I have no clue what in the hell SPTI is, but it has things working for me now! :clap:

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the tip.

2007-07-24, 11:02 PM
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We're all behind you!

2007-07-25, 04:43 AM
and that should scare you!