2005-02-23, 08:15 AM
Id like to rip the audio from some of my dvds.Ive tried a couple of things that people have suggested but i dont seem to get the hang of them.Is there a fool proof programme out there.Any help will be greatly appreciated.

2005-02-23, 01:27 PM
try videohelp.com

2005-02-23, 01:31 PM
But, to my knowledge most DVD audio is lossy, so you probably don't want to spread it around. Unless I'm completely wrong.

Also, you'll get more/better answers (no offense to whoever that was that posted before me whose name I cannot see as I edit this) if you post this in the appropriate Technobabble forum.

2005-02-23, 05:30 PM
moving to technobabble

2005-02-23, 06:54 PM
many official DVDs only have lossy audio (AC3 format). but there are plenty that have the uncompressed PCM stereo track, which would not be lossy... well, until you downsample to 44.1 kHz for audio CDs. but that's the same as taking a DAT recording at 16/48 and downsampling it to 16/44.1. not a biggie, IMO.

2005-02-23, 10:07 PM
as stated above, if its for your own listening pleasure...but NOT to be shared/seeded...also, i'm assuming you mean a dvd boot and not copyrighted material [thats a no-no]...that said--

i believe i remember a program out a while back called virtualdub that i used to pull a section of dialogue off a film DVD i had created previously and lost the audio masters to...i can't see why it wouldn't work for music from a live dvd boot...whether theres something better out there now i don't know...videohelp.com is definitely the spot to search for those questions...good luck