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2005-02-20, 12:08 PM
NOTE: i had originally asked this on etree's forum but i've gotten no response, therefor i thought i might ask here as TTD seems a bit more helpful in re: to tech questions...now on with the issue:

i finally put a list together of all my shows [word doc format]...rediscovered db.etree and thought i'd upload my list there...

i didn't think myself a newbie in re: to all this stuff, until i tried to upload the list!!! that ish confused the hell outta me...

can anyone tell me how to create a file to upload at their site, as i know alot of you have yers listed there...or is there another site which is easier...

here's an example of how i have my list setup [it was orig just for my records, which is why i did it this way]:

Aphex Twin ???-??-?? (Possibly ‘99 in Boston, MA) [1disc-shn]
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers 1959-11-23 Stockholm, Sweden [1disc-shn]
Average White Band 1994-06-17 The Wetlands, NYC [2disc-shn]
Bad Brains "Soul Music for Bad People" LIB BOOT 7” 1982 Cali (2 tracks) & 1985 NYC (1 track) [1disc-flac]
Bad Brains 1985-06-?? Live At Lupos, Providence, RI [1disc-flac]
Bardo Pond 1999-12-08 GO room 4, Carrboro, NC [1disc-flac]
Bardo Pond 1999-12-09 Metro Café, Washington DC [2disc-shn]
Bardo Pond 2002-10-18 Khyber, Philadelphia, PA (no other info) [1disc-cdr]

thanks for any help you can give me...

2005-02-21, 09:12 AM
I don't understand....you want to upload a .doc file to db.etree.org? I personally do not use etree to house my tradelist, and I don't think any of the other mods here do either. Someone may know, but I don't....

2005-02-21, 09:27 AM
thanks...yeah i would just need to reformat it somehow in order to u/l it to their site...but if there's another free site which is better, i'd be more than happy since db.etree confused the ish outta me? i simply need somewhere to house my list sos i don't have to always email people it...

again thanks for the help

2005-02-21, 10:40 AM
I don't use the db, but the basic rule of thumb is that you have to EXPORT your data in a format that's compatible with the IMPORT formats of the database.

http://db.etree.org/docs/ talks about formatting data into .CSV tables (comma seperated values).

How etree has set up their tables, or if you'll have flexibility in doing that is something you'll have to research on their site.

Personally, it makes sense to store your data in a program (database or spreadsheet) that allows you to output customized formats, so you can just take certain fields and map their output to the corresponding input fields. Unfortunately, it often requires that you make some huge mistakes before you figure out the right formats in which to store your data :( .

2005-02-21, 11:09 AM
thanks wazoo2u...ahhh, it seems i'ma have to re-do everything then...

any comments on a good database or spreadsheet program [open-source/freeware] or should i just use that nightmare of a microsoft program excel?

again thanks for the help...

2005-02-21, 12:27 PM
There was a thread somewhere on "how do you archive your music collection" where a number of people weighed in about the programs they used. Most have the ability to export.

I use WhereIsIt, but I've been locked into that proggie for a long time. Again, using a database is a skill that's acquired. We all make mistakes by creating data entry formats that aren't specific enough, or combine too much data in one field. For instance, I set up WhereIsIt so each entry has a disk# and name, but all the rest of the info is in that "name" field is tied to the entry. That means that my typical Grateful Dead entry looks something like:
"gd70-01-02.18120 - New York, NY (Fillmore East)"

Other users take totally different approaches to sorting their data.

WhereIsIt give you options to build exports based on various search parameters. Topic gets pretty complicated after this, and I've been too lazy to actually create a real database list, but I can search through everything I have on optical and pretty much find it all.

2005-02-22, 06:11 PM
thanks wazoo...i might check into WhereIsIt online...appreciate all the help

2005-02-22, 06:18 PM
thanks wazoo...i might check into WhereIsIt online...appreciate all the help
Yeah, but whatever you do, BE CAREFUL about using cracked/hacked/keygens with the proggie. The author is a real prick about it, and designed routines that will trash your database if discovered. There's a trial ware version to check out, but after that, you need to spend the (I think it's $35 or 40). Seriously.. be aware of this.

2005-02-22, 06:49 PM
yeah...i don't mess with cracked progs like when i was a kid...if the demos prove worth while, might as well as shell out a few bucks for the programmers work anyway!

cheers! aar.onerrrrrrrrrrrrrr