View Full Version : how do you load audio WAV onto a dvd

2007-06-06, 12:27 AM
I want to cram a lot of shows onto a DVD, but I can't figure out how.

this is probably elementary....but it's beyond me.

do I need a dvd burner? All I have is a cd burner & nero.

2007-06-06, 02:02 AM
I dunno how you think you can burn a DVD with a CD burner...

Get a DVD burner.

Do yourself a favor and be future compatible and go for a dual layer dvd burner (burns dvd5 and dvd9 discs - dvd5=single layer, dvd9=2 layer=what commercial discs are)

It's easy to burn data dvds to store wav, flac, etc to archive to dvd.

Good luck dude!

2007-06-06, 02:12 AM
You can get great dual layer DVD burners at low prices from www.newegg.com I have used the excellent brands Lite-On and Pioneer with great results. The best is Plextor, but it costs more $$.

2007-06-06, 09:23 AM

burning on a dvd with a cd burner: magic!

i guess i thought it possible because of the existence of VCD's, I never would've guessed you can put video on a cdr.

anything seems to be possible.