View Full Version : downlaoded show on TTD which seems 2 be lossy...

2007-05-11, 08:46 AM
Hi, last year I downloaed a show just here, today I did a spectral analysis and it looks damn lossy to me (see first image attached)

the thread for the show used to be this one:

anyone thinks I'm wrong? if so, then I'd like to read an explaination please...

Also, got another question. I got a show from a taper, he transfered the show from MD to aif on his Mac, via analog-in tranfer and this looks lossy to me too(second pic attached). he recorded with Sony MZ-R55 and I was wondering whether MD players record like this. I tested it with TLH and it says its MPEG souced, but we all know how reliable TLH is on that. anyways, to me it looks like an mp3(320kbps) but the taper assured he recorded straight to aif? if i convert it to mp3(320) and have do a SA, it loks similar to the original aif, not much difference to notice. any opinon from more experienced guys in here?

2007-05-14, 02:31 PM
the first one looks like 128kbps cbr mp3 to me... could be similar wmv/rm codec, who knows, but that does not jive with the lineage he gave, it should have frequency response all the way to the top. I guess I'll retroactively "pull" that one, too bad we didn't catch it sooner. Hopefully a clean version will turn up, maybe try contacting the guy who posted the show for possible leads.

the 2nd one looks as it should for an MD recording, and it is normal to have to take it in thru the analog ins on the soundcard as the only way to get a direct digital transfer on those old MD recordings is by using a standalone deck at considerable extra expense.

Only the newer "Hi-MD" decks are capable of recording lossless (16bit/44.1kHz LPCM WAV) and it has been an exception to the lossless-only rules since there was only etree. We're discussing a cutoff date for newly-recorded MD shows (the lossy ones only) since there are so many more affordable and lossless options available to tapers in this day and age.

2007-05-15, 05:02 AM
Thanks Five! I might drop the uploader a line and ask for a new transfer...