View Full Version : Pretty sure lossy, but more info appreciated

2007-04-30, 11:26 PM
This live show comes to me on audio CD from a guy who normally ONLY trades lossless. The SA of the wav certainly looks lossy, though - blockiness, clipped. Any idea, though:

Why the freq would cut at 13K? I thought mp3 usually cuts about 16K.

What are the spikes that occur approximately once every 1/3 sec?

Just curious here. TIA - Scott

2007-05-01, 02:22 PM
any mp3 encoder I've seen uses a default setting that makes the frequency cut at 16kHz, that's why its it most common. This is a lower-bitrate mp3, lower quality than average! The spikes are digital errors caused by being on audio cdr, slightly scratched, poorly extracted/copied etc.

2007-05-01, 06:32 PM
You don't hear anything abnormal on playback ?! Those look like "pops"...