View Full Version : 2-Wire Router Question

2007-04-23, 07:42 AM
I was able to unfirewall my router but then this weekend UTorrent showed up as firewalled. I checked canyouseeme.org and it said I was firewalled. I went back into my router and picked a new port number and the problem went away. I'm using AT&T DSL with a 2-Wire router and I don't see some of the examples of adding an IP address, I just went to firewall in the router an added a application with the port number I wanted open. I have my IP as Static, so I'm asking if I have things setup correctly. Because why would the old port stop working?

Thanks and sorry for the long post.

2007-04-23, 10:49 AM
I have found that I will sometimes suddenly show up as firewalled and the only way to 'undo' it is to do something to the router - like change the port number. I'm not sure why it does that at times. Another thing I've been told to do is to turn off and unplug the router for about 30 seconds and then plug it back in. I just find it easier to change the port than try to go behind the computers and reach the router and try not to mix up all the other wires back there.

2007-04-23, 11:49 AM
Cool, I thought I might have not configured something correctly. But all is well now and at least now I know what to do. :D

Thanks again :thumbsup