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2007-04-12, 05:24 AM
I've attached two screen shots of a file i've ripped from a "silver" bootleg. The original source for the show is a Tv broadcast from Rockpalast.

I'm not convinced there isn't an mp3 conversion in the lineage, as the sound is a bit "glassy". The SA is confusing me, I'm also sure i've read on here that there's a frequency cut-off on tv broadcasts & the "red-stripe" is an indication of this

So i' confused :hmm:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as i was initially thinking of seeding the show here, as there's far to little of The Jam.


2007-04-12, 06:07 PM
can we get a spectral from Cool Edit

2007-04-13, 04:59 AM
Thanks rhinowing,

i've attached cool-edit views, sorry but i dont know how to change the colour scheme to black and white.

If this is lossy, and from what i've read on other threads the wav looks like it. Why isn't there an absolute cut-off at 16Khz?

I know these are probably really obvious questions to the experts here, but them i'm a complete novice.


2007-04-17, 12:19 AM
looks lossy as f*ck to me

2007-04-17, 03:59 AM
looks lossy as f*ck to me

Wasn't sure until i saw the SA in cool edit, so i now understand why you don't recommend EAC.

Thanks Five for your help.