View Full Version : Lossy or Lossless?

2007-03-30, 11:53 PM
The lineage is as follow:
Source:SP-CMC-20 > SP-SPSB-1 (Bass Rolloff @<hidden> 95Hz) > Nomad JB3
Conversion: JB3 > Firewire > Soundforge 7.0 > CDWave > mkwACT > SHN

What makes the spectral interesting is that the frequencies seldom extend beyond the 15-16kHz...

Pure loseless? or Lossy transferred via analog? :hmm:

2007-03-31, 02:48 PM
from the lineage I would expect it to go to 22050Hz :hmm:

does it sound swishy?

can I get a short sample via rapidshare.com or similar?

2007-04-02, 04:45 AM
the cutoff looks a little strange there, but upon closer examination there is noise all the way to the top & no blocks. Doesn't sound lossy to me, either.

It does seem strange, digital recordings normally have more in the highs :hmm:

so as far as I can tell, its okay

here's the sample link if anybody else wants to check it out: