View Full Version : MD or what?

2007-03-01, 03:01 PM
I just did a trade with a guy who had a big NO MP3 sign on his trader page..... but when I asked him to do a quick check with EAC he pulled a couple of the discs I had asked for... and of the ones I got, a couple of 70s vintage shows seem to have been minidisc:ed or worse.
Anyways, here's a screen cap of one of the shows I got - it's a late 90s/early 00s live sbd recording, allegedly done by somebody in the artist's camp. If it is minidisc, it still should be OK if that's how it was recorded - right?

2007-03-02, 04:39 AM
doesn't look like MD to me

can you post a sample to rapidshare.com or similar so I can take a closer look and listen? 10-20 seconds or just a short track would be great.

2007-03-02, 07:38 AM
Sure, here it is. About 20 secs.


2007-03-02, 09:24 AM
That looks lossless.

2007-03-03, 12:45 AM
as far as I can tell it is lossless

2007-03-03, 01:52 AM
as far as I can tell it is lossless

Ok, thanks, a couple of other shows from the same batch look the same, so that's good news.