View Full Version : Added Airport Extrme to my Mac, now I'm firewalled

Johnny Rad
2007-02-25, 12:10 PM
Just added an Apple Airport Extreme last week, but now I'm showing up as "firewalled." Wasn't an issue for the past year before I added the Airport Extreme. Ugh! Anyone have some helpful hints?

2007-02-25, 06:47 PM
Sometimes the tracker will give a 'false postivie'. So, before assuming you really are firewalled, stop all your TTD torrents and then start them again slowly and see if you still get the message. Also, you can check at a site like canyouseeme.org and see if the port you are using is really firewalled.

Johnny Rad
2007-02-25, 09:35 PM
Thanks, U2Lynne.

The site you recommended seems to indicate that my firewall is indeed up: Error - I could not see your service on 'abc' on port 'xyz'

I checked ports 80, 25 and 6881-6999.

I'm still able to download, but the speeds are horrendously slow.

Next step suggestions?

2007-02-25, 09:46 PM
Well, do you have your mac firewall up? Did you forward your ports through it? How about your Airport Extreme? Did you forward your ports through it? (check out portforward.com and look under the portforwarding link). If you havne't tried to forward your ports since you added it, then that is why you are now firewalled.