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2007-02-24, 02:06 PM
I have a laptop as my only computer (PC). At home, I run it thru a wireless router (Linksys). I found that I got all green when I went thru the process of opening my ports, etc. But, I had to set up a static address to make everything work (apparently).

Now when I pull the plug to travel in my work, the laptop won't connect to the wireless "hotspots" on the road. Mind you, I am not trading music while on these trips, just need to connect to my "remote" server at work to send & receive email. In this case I seem to have a wireless connection but no page will come up to surf the internet. So I am technically connecting to these "other" routers.

I think I will have to change back to dynamic address when I travel. Does anyone see this any differently? It would sure help if I do not have to reconfigure from static to dynamic... and back to static each time I travel.

2007-02-24, 02:09 PM
you are correct - you must return your TCP/IP to DHCP (dynamic)
on the wireless or wired adapter being used for public "hotspots"

- its only a few clicks.. you could find 3rd party software to create "locations"
but less software is usually the best route to go

2007-02-24, 02:22 PM
I guess I will try it. Is this process needlessly intimidating me? Just lie to me and tell me it will work out ok. A little re-assurance would go a long way! I saved my notes, so I should not have problems when I re-configure to static upon my return.