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2007-01-27, 11:35 AM

I recently received some discs through a trade and as I was checking them to see their quality I came up with one that, even though it shows up on "True Audio Analyzer" as having CDDA tracks, shows a peculiar waveform: there is a clear line (too clear! :wtf: ) at around 16 Khz but at the same time there are some higher frequencies. I've attached a selection of one of the tracks hoping somebody could tell me whats going on, since it is the first time I see something like this. :hmm: Is it really lossless?

Thank you in advance for any help. :wave:

PS: It's a home demo track, so not really a concert recording.

2007-01-28, 02:08 AM
I have never seen anything quite like that... could you post a 10 or 20 second sample to rapidshare.com / megaupload.com or similar?

:hmm: :hmm:

2007-01-28, 06:08 AM
Hi Five,

It's a strange waveform, isn't? I'd say it's lossy, but I'm intrigued by those higher frequencies... :hmm:

Here is a 20 second clip, which has been uploaded to Yousendit (http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=DC3F908E785C3F57).

And here is the frequency analysis of the track (by the way, the disc is the Vigotone's classic "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan outtakes").

Thanks for any info you can provide. I'm curious to know what's going on with this disc...

2007-01-30, 02:20 AM
this is really unique... the only frequency response above the abrupt cutoff is from clipping. I can't really tell from listening or looking wtf this is, could be high bitrate mp3 or perhaps pure wav butchered with a lpf, dunno. :hmm:

seems to be some noise present in the highs, I can't say for certain that it is lossy :hmm:

2007-01-31, 11:10 AM
Thanks for the input. For security I'll just file this disc under the WTF section and try to obtain a better copy. :rolleyes: