View Full Version : 32khz .wav allowed?

2007-01-20, 03:01 PM
I have an mp3 player that records audio to .wav format. Unfortunately it only encodes at 32khz 128kbps. Is this format considered lossless? If so, if I recorded a show with it and then offerred it up for trade, should I just upconvert it to 44.1khz, compress to flac and note the change in the lineage?


2007-01-20, 04:10 PM
A .wav file encoded at 128kbps and 32khz? That seems worse than most mp3s, which are usually encoded at 44.1khz. Are you sure it's at 128kbps or that it's actually a wav file and not an improperly labelled mp3?

2007-01-20, 04:28 PM
unfortunately.....i am sure. The recorder was found in a box in my office after I moved in. The documentation said that it recorded voice and line-in audio in .wav format. Of course this made me curious. I hooked up a tape deck to it and recorded a few seconds of audio. When I went to EAC for a quick frequency analysis it wouldnt let me open it because it was a "non standard .wav file". I opened it in audacity and it gave me the encoding data (32khz 128kbps). I have just upsampled the audio to 44.1 and am going to try again to open it in EAC. If I have to I will burn it to cd to get a look at the frequency response with True Audio Anylizer.


2007-01-20, 04:37 PM
Nevermind. The audio is awful. It sounded o.k. through the cheap headphones I had right here. But after being able to do some testing....it will never do for anything other than voice and non-essential audio tasks.

2007-01-20, 05:09 PM
You should take the voice recorder and throw it as hard and as far as you can. :lol:

Unfortunately, it won't be very useful for music recording.