View Full Version : encode ing from wav to flac

2006-10-20, 10:15 AM
i am encocodeing these files and i have used flac fronted and little helper they both tell me that i am skipping unknown sub chunk can any one explain what this is all about.

2006-10-20, 10:38 AM
Hmmmm, never heard that one. :hmm:

Are these wavs you ripped from a CD? Or is it a show you have on your computer that you already cut into wavs (on Sector Boundaries, right) and now what to convert to flac?

2006-10-20, 10:43 AM
yes i ripped the cd with eac and then tracked it with soundforge i did the same thing with the del mccoury show as i did with this one :hmm:

2006-10-20, 10:46 AM
i will do it again and copy the report so you can see what i am talking about. i have never had this problem before

2006-10-20, 04:00 PM
I know what that is. Programs like soundforge write stuff into WAV headers that is "non-canonical". flac.exe strips this stuff automatically upon encoding (which is a good thing).

did you check for SBEs? Is your EAC in secure mode and are your offsets correct?