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2006-10-16, 04:49 PM
As I read what is not allowed here at TTD, its my understanding this WOULD fall into that category. Please let me know if I am wrong, as a few people have said they would like me to seed it. Again, NOT allowed right?

Stone Temple Pilots
March 15, 2000
House Of Blues
Los Angeles, CA

Source/Conversion: DSBD (Satellite Television Broadcast)->VHS (SP)->Stereo "Y" Adapter->Line-In->.wav->.flac

2006-10-17, 01:40 PM
can you post a sample to rapidshare.de/megaupload.com or similar, please?

2006-10-27, 01:56 AM
Sorry, Five, not that adept with the buttons and dials. If you tell me where to go, I will give it a whirl though. I use a Mac, what program and where can I get it? I will learn how. It would be nice to put up a short clip of stuff anyway when I upload a show. Thanks.

2006-10-30, 12:52 PM
try megaupload.com

just upload the shortest track, it will give you a link for downloading after a few minutes and then post that link here

Dr. Death
2006-10-30, 01:09 PM
I have this show on vhs, but would love to have one I can burn to DVD.

2006-10-30, 04:51 PM
I did learn how to make a clip, so here it is Five.



2006-11-11, 01:49 AM
hey sorry I didn't get a chance to look at this sooner... I just checked it, it is very lossy and not allowed here.