View Full Version : bd1991-02-16 How lossy?

Robert Cook
2006-09-21, 05:28 AM
This is definitely lossy however the cut-off is at 17kHz and is not dead flat. Is it MP3 or something else?

Robert Cook
2006-09-21, 08:03 AM
I have a supplementary question. Are the b&w views only best for looking at possible MDs? In other words if it's not a question of MD is a colour view more appropriate?

2006-09-21, 12:35 PM
b&w shows more detail in any case

this one is strange, the cutoff is suspicious as hell but there's no black squares cut into the audio portion of the program :hmm:

2006-09-21, 02:31 PM
Upsampled 32khz DAT. Look at the mirrored image above 16 kHz done by the upsampling process.
nice sample.