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2006-08-31, 01:04 AM
I have followed all of the directions in the firewalled section about setting up addresses, etc. I have done so and I am still red??? Unsure what to do next. I have a Linksys router WRT54G. Do I need to mess with that???

2006-08-31, 01:17 AM
I am using my notebook computer with Bittorrent. My desktop serversI have not touched. Maybe that is the problem??? I am not sure if the subnet or dns has to be different than the ones I used with the laptop??? :mad:

2006-08-31, 01:21 AM
Hmmm-I am not getting the big red FIREWALLED word but my last number is still in red. Am I still firewalled?

2006-08-31, 01:31 AM
The test on the hash failed for a torrent. I am ussing 6881 for the bittorent. What is everyone else using for numbers for bittorent please???

2006-08-31, 03:03 AM
Hmmm-I am not getting the big red FIREWALLED word but my last number is still in red. Am I still firewalled?

No that is your share ratio when it reaches 1.00 it will turn black

you have downloaded 23.27 and uploaded 2.28 that will be red until you have uploaded 23.27 or whatever your download rate is to get 1.00

but we don't have to keep a share ratio of 1.00 here at the Taders' Den
cool for you because you have downloaded a lot compared to how much you have uploaded

if this was www.dimeadozen.org you would have a problem

2006-08-31, 10:02 AM
saveferals, lots of people are no longer using ports 6881-6889 (the standard bittorrent ports) because ISPs are aware that those are the standard bt ports and they are starting to cap them. Many users are choosing ports in the 50000 to 55000 range (don't open all of those, just a few). You can go to portforward.com to find out how to open ports for your particular router. You will need to assign a static IP to your computer first (there are directions on the same site on how to do that).

2006-08-31, 11:38 AM
Thanks. I have done the static ip thing. I think I need to change the port numbers. There is room for just 4 numbers so it appears that I cannot set a range??? I'll use those suggested in the 5000.

2006-08-31, 11:41 AM
So how do I get my share ratio up? Do I have to post a show on here?

2006-08-31, 11:59 AM
It helps. But if you just keep seeding the ones you've already downloaded, then that will do wonders too. But you have a very bad ratio, so maybe you should upload something, yes. But we have a code of honour here, so you won't be auto-banned for having a bad ratio.

2006-08-31, 12:21 PM
Thanks evenreven. Do I need to do anything special to seed the o :hmm: nes I've downloaded????

2006-08-31, 12:35 PM
Just start the torrents up again in your bittorrent client and they should go into seed mode.

2006-08-31, 12:37 PM
How do I start them up again? Sorry for all of the questions!!! How do I know I am seeding?

2006-08-31, 12:38 PM
Do I use "force start torrent? When I do that it gives an up arrow.... Should my ratio go up then???

2006-08-31, 01:00 PM
Yes, you can force start them. You might want to look at the listed number of seeds and peers and force start one that has a lot of peers on it. That way you know lots of people will want to grab the show from you. If people start uploading the show from you, then your ratio will go up.

2006-08-31, 01:05 PM
Thanks. One moe question. I followed the instructions about router firewalls and cannot get the address to come up when I type it in the browser window ( to configure my router???

2006-08-31, 01:11 PM
Since I have Windows XP do I need to do anything else???

2006-08-31, 02:35 PM
It isn't saying I am firewalled but how can i check to make sure???

2006-08-31, 02:58 PM
I figured out the windows xp question. My last number is still red which I suppose means I am firewalled? Has to be the router.