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2006-08-17, 04:54 PM
Hi everyone,

I got a question about a Bottle Rockets show:
12th Warren Haynes Annual Christmas Jam

I am not sure if my copy is mp3-sourced. I did a frequency and spectral analysis with EAC with a whole song and with a two-second-snippet and what I see looks very much like a haircut at about 18 kHz to me. I get the same dropoff at 18k with Spectrascope, Analfreq and Audacity.
Attached you find the SA and FA from EAC (2-sec-snippets) as well as the result from spectrascope (10 seconds, same song, but a different snippet).

I got the disc in a trade and know nothing about lineage but on db.etree.org the lineage below is given for the whole event (the BRox show was one of many and is part of a six-CD-set).

Recording info: Microtech Gefell's M210> Oade P/S> SBM1> D-8
11th Row, Seat 7, DFC

Recorded by Jim Baadshaug, Mike Hassell, and Al Booth

Mastered by Bob Bradshaw

Mastering info:
1. Sony PCM R-500 DAT Recorder Digital out> AES Digital in of
2. TC Electronic Finalizer Plus Mastering Processor (TC used only as an
D/A Converter in this case) TC ANALOG Insert Send >
3. Focusrite MixMaster Analog Mastering Processor> (Used for Multi-band
compression,Program EQ, and Stereo Balancing)
4. Emperical Labs EL-7 FATSO Analog Tape Simulator and Optimizer> (Used
for creating analog tape "warmth" as well as level shifting and other
signal processing).
5. Studer D-19 Preamp and A/D Converter The Studer has a high quality tube
signal path that was bypassed for this application. (In the insert of
the Studer I have an SPL Vitalizer "Psycho-Acoustic Equalizer" which
adds punch and clarity without specifically boosting/cutting
frequencies like a traditional EQ. This device is also used for stereo
image enhancment).
6. Finally, (whew!) the AES digital out of the Studer feeds an Alesis
MasterLink Mastering Recorder/CD Burner, which is used for creating the
CD tracks, fades, and assembling the order of tracks on the discs, as
well as the burning.

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot

2006-08-17, 04:56 PM
Here are FA and SA from EAC for the whole song
Thanks again

2006-08-19, 11:05 AM
Mind uploading a small sample? EAC's spectral view is pretty bad.

2006-08-19, 11:33 AM
Not at all, here's a ten second snippet in flac.

2006-08-22, 05:53 PM
that's strange... looks exactly like this one:

It looks lossy, and not like any MD I've seen/known of. I've seen this codec before, but I don't know what it is.

Robert Cook
2006-08-24, 05:15 AM
Five, are you referring to the image that I posted w/ D100 in it's stated lineage?

2006-08-24, 09:43 AM
yes, that's right. they look very similar

2006-08-24, 10:57 AM
can someone explain to me what bottlerockets is, cause i got a farina set called bottle rockets-hit me back

Robert Cook
2006-08-24, 12:56 PM
yes, that's right. they look very similar

I will post the fa in the other thread.