View Full Version : TD thinks I'm firewalled. Why?

2006-07-30, 02:55 PM
In the middle of DLing the Velvet Underground show, I returned to TD to see why it was suddenly going so slow (avging about 5Kb/sec through Bit Torrent). In the box by my stats, it said I was firewalled. I checked my network and firewall settings, and everything was as it should be. I checked Dimeadozen, from which I was also DLing a show, and there was no indication that I was firewalled there, while others were clearly indicated to be firewalled.

My upload rate is slower than usual (currently DL=70 KB, UL=5KB, capable of 180 and 45--using DSL). Did I do something wrong?

2006-07-30, 11:59 PM
i'm in the same boat as axlelarry....TD says i'm firewalled but i checked everything and my proper ports are open...i downlaod on dime and jungleland and neither of those say i'm firewalled.

i know my ratio sucks but i'm working on that!


2006-07-31, 12:08 AM
Sometimes TTD says you're firewalled when you're actually not (I think, because this seems to happen a lot: there are at least 3 threads a week about it). My suggestion is to restart everything: computer, modem, router, and try again. Your sudden decline in speeds may indicate that there actually is a problem, though.

This site will tell you if you're firewalled or not:
make sure you enter the right port #.

2006-07-31, 12:09 AM
saw this is a duplicate thread....logged off and back on and voila--a green light...sorry for the wasted post.

2006-07-31, 12:16 AM