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2006-04-29, 02:29 PM
ok, all of a sudden, TTD is saying I'm firewalled, and It's never said that before. I talked to my roomates, and nobody did anything to change the config of our network since yesterday. Is this an error, or have I always been firewalled and didn't know it? I don't think we have any type of protection on our network.

2006-04-29, 05:25 PM
Well, did you ever notice if your port was in red in the Peers List before? I just yesterday put the FIREWALLED note up below user's names so those that weren't aware would notice, so if you didn't notice it before, it isn't that you are suddenly firewalled.

Do you have your ports forwarded through your modem/router? And do you have a static local IP?

2006-04-30, 01:49 PM
Ok, I'm just retarded. that's what i figured. I'm gonna go try and figure this out, and then when I don't, cuz I suck at this stuff, i'll come back and ask for help.

2006-05-02, 07:56 AM
The same thing happened to me. I have no firewall currently enabled. I'm a Windows Xp PC user. I also have McAfee virus. Both have the firewall totally disabled. Thanks for the help!!!!

2006-05-02, 09:35 AM
If you don't have your ports forwarded on your router then it will show you as being firewalled. It is fairly simple to change that. You will need to know what port you use other than 6881-6889 for listening. You just have to go into your BitTorrent client and find out what ports it is using.
From there you will just need to figure out your IP Address which can be accomplished by going to Start>Run and then typing in cmd. Once the command prompt window is open type in ipconfig. This will tell you what your current IP address is.
From there you have to go into your router setup. If it is a linksys router you will type in into your browser's address bar and then it will bring up a prompt for your user name and password. If you haven't changed this information on linksys the password is admin. I am not sure of other routers but you can find out on the manufacturers website. From here you just have to find the port forwarding section. It can also be under a tab called Applications and Gaming. Once you find where it is you will have the abililty to put in the ports you need to forward. Type in one of the lines to forward 6881 through 6889 and then where it asks for your IP Address you will type in the IP for you computer. Then if you use a client like BitComet that has a listening port, you will also want to put that port in and have it forwarded to your IP Address.
I hope that helps.

It is also possible that your router has some form of firewall on it. There will be an option in the security section to endable and disable the firewall, but usually it will just be a matter of setting up the port forwarding.

2006-05-02, 04:37 PM
i can walk ya thru it Sugarkane...just give me a holler