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2004-12-30, 02:11 AM
Greetings all,

Im now having trouble w/ flac frontend 1.7.1.


It doesnt work. (I tried un/re-installing many times.).

Error messages I get....

=== encoding ===
ERROR: can't open input file C:\Documents and Settings\echo

=== decording ====
echo.: ERROR initializing decoder

An error occurred opening the input file; it is likely that it does not exist
or is not readable.

BTW, when installing it I cannot select "FALAC codec", why?


Im running WinXP Home Edition SP2.
I never had a problem with mkw0.9.7, Monkey's Audio3.99, foobar2000 v0.8.3.

Thank you for your help.

2004-12-30, 02:15 AM
Weird... try getting this version


see if it works better. I'm not sure what those errors are. get the mike wren version, restart, and install. hope this helps

2004-12-30, 02:20 AM
What type of file are you trying to encode and decode?

The decode error almost looks like it's not a complete flac file. But I can't remember exactly what that error says.

2005-01-02, 06:08 PM
FLAC Frontend (etree ed.) is actually an extremely simple program made complicated by the install program. To simplify matters I have bundled up the essential components into a zip file which you can download from my web page.

I chose not to bundle the FLAC codec in order to keep the zip file as small as possible since many people already have the codec, and because the codec will inevitably be upgraded at some point. In fact the codec supplied with Mike Wren's installer is v1.1.0 but v1.1.1 how now been released. The link to the latest codec is available at my web page.

Btw, the reason you can't select the FLAC codec in the install program is that it's selected by default, since it's the key component.

My web page is here (http://home.ripway.com/2004%2D12/223394/files/).