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2006-04-09, 11:40 AM
I'm firewalled here.

I recently disconnected and reconnected my router, but I'm also using TTD for the first time, and I haven't had firewall problems with any previous torrent sites, so I don't know if this is a new problem because of the disconnected router or a problem I'm having with TTD.

Now the problem here is that I am *retard* when it comes to computers so I don't quite know what to do here.

My router is Linksys WRT55AG Wireless A+G Broadband

I use BitTornado T-0.3.15

I have Windows XP. My Microsoft firewall is completely turned off.

I have Norton Internet Security 2006. There is no difference in my status when I turn off the security.

Any help is greatly apprecated.

2006-04-09, 11:49 AM
I think I already mentioned turning off the random port option in BitTornado and it looks like you did that.

Here is a page on portforward.com that deals with your router and your bittornado client: http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Linksys/WRT55AG/BitTornado.htm

See if that page helps you out.

2006-04-09, 03:06 PM
My router doesn't have the "filters" menu and that page isn't quite clear about the port range forwarding. Don't I have to type in different numbers for TDD?

2006-04-09, 03:11 PM
Is this page more like what you have? http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Linksys/WRT55AGv2/BitTornado.htm

You don't need to do anything TTD specific. You just need to forward your ports for bittorrenting and that will forward your ports for any site that you bittorrent at.

2006-04-09, 03:24 PM
you just need torward the same ports in both the router AND yer BT client

2006-04-10, 10:42 AM
I did asbolutley everything that the instructions told me...set up a static IP...forarded the ports...and I'm still coming up firewalled. I think this might be a lost cause.

2006-04-10, 11:04 AM
Here's a page from there about setting up a static IP on XP: http://portforward.com/networking/static-xp.htm I can tell you have the ports correct, so what I'm wondering is if you have the static IP done correctly. If you do ipconfig, you should always see the same local IP, something like 192.168.1.xxx . That xxx should always be the same and it should be the same number that you forwarded your ports to. Also, are you restarting Azureus when you change router or IP settings? I'm not sure if you have to, but that may be something to try.

2006-04-15, 04:55 AM
I did everything you told me to do and I read and followed a handful of guides and unplugged and restarted my whole system and I've done everything right. No matter what I do I'm in the red.

2006-04-17, 02:03 PM
Does the router have a switch?
Are you firewalled or is it a NAT error ?

Open a port in the router between 50000 and 60000, then set up yer torrentprog to use the same port, if still problems; disable any upnp software...

Some apps req multiple connections, and do not work with NAT . Use the virtual server setup in your router; specify the port normally associated with an app as a 'Trigger Port', select the protocol type both as TCP and UDP, then enter the pub ports associated with the trigger port to open them for inbound traffic.

...and doublecheck that MS hasn't turned the wall on by itself...