View Full Version : Compressing 24bit/96kHz Audio Sources using FLAC

2006-04-03, 07:23 PM

Has anybody else noticed how inefficient FLAC seems to be at 24/96 ?
I've been transferring some cassette masters to HD at these rates, when compressing these files I'm getting files which are 75-80% the original size at level 8 FLAC. I'm archiving to DVD so its notthatmuch of a problem I did think I'd get better compression than this though. has anybody investigated any other schemes that may give better results ?


2006-04-04, 04:33 AM
I haven't tried compressing 24/96 but monkey's audio has always been good to me and I also hear the wavpack is great. worth a shot, anyways.

2006-04-04, 06:47 AM
Perhaps it's due to the source (i.e. lots of 'material' in the .wav) and not an inherent FLAC problem? Just a guess..