View Full Version : white stripes lossy?

2006-02-26, 12:56 AM
Hi all this is a white stripes show I got the info I have for it is Sky digital box (Radio1 Broadcast) -> Soundblaster live 5.1 > CD. (I don't understand what a sky digital box is...) So anyway freq and spec analysis attached. To me freq looks ok but spec looks awful. Any help would be great!

Thanks -- Joshua

2006-02-26, 03:12 PM
Radio 1 is broadcast on Sky Digital satellite as a 192kbps MP2 stream. Whether that stream represents a superior/inferior sounding source to the equivalent FM broadcast is an extremely moot (UK usage) point. What is beyond doubt is that capturing that stream with a soundcard is certainly inferior to capturing the MPEG stream itself and produces unnecessarily bloated files.

That said, your screenshots look kosher enough to me for what they purport to be.

2006-02-28, 12:46 PM
^what he said