View Full Version : How Do I Install From An .ISO Image?

2005-12-25, 08:17 PM
Thanks in advance.

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2005-12-25, 08:43 PM
Burn it to a CD-ROM and then run the program from there.


Use a Virtual CD-ROM program. You're on a Mac and I don't use a Mac, so no idea on a program.

Try: www.google.com ;)

2005-12-26, 12:25 AM
This was in a thread back in September, but I can't find it. Here's what I saved out of it. Just used Nero for this last weekend.

ISO is a disc image. Burn it to a DVD to watch it.

I think that VLC will play ISO images as well...been awhile since I've messed around with ISO's. http://www.videolan.org/

DVd Decrypter -- click MODE > ISO > Write...select file and drive, then burn.

Nero -- open *Nero Burning ROM*, when the New Compilation window pops up, click CANCEL...Click RECORDER > Burn Image > then select the .iso and drive to burn with...then burn

Isobuster will extract the files from the image then you can burn em with whatever...

2005-12-27, 11:28 AM
or mount it and install.... so you don't have to waste a disc. Would give you specific destructions but I don't mac.

2005-12-27, 06:52 PM
Double-click it and it'll mount. From then on treat it like a real disc.

Easy-peasy :-)

2005-12-28, 02:19 AM
thanks for all your help ffooky