View Full Version : direct connect?

2005-09-13, 01:18 PM
I have not been able to open my ports and was wondering if direct connect had anything to do with it? sorry for all the questions lately?

2005-09-13, 01:52 PM
Nope, it shouldn't.

What is the problem when trying to open your ports? What OS are you running? What model do you have for your modem/router?

2005-09-13, 02:27 PM
ok, i am using windows me and my router/modem is an Ericsson HM200c. i must be completely disfunctional because i have been trying to open these ports for months with no success. thanks for the help!

2005-09-13, 03:28 PM
Have you looked at www.portforward.com?

2005-09-14, 04:29 PM
port forwarding.com was no help. they did not have a guide to my router.