View Full Version : Am I firewalled?

2005-08-26, 10:16 AM
36162 - If I have this number in RED on the stats page of a show, am I firewalled? My d/l is crawling? Help!

2005-08-26, 10:20 AM

i believe if it is in 'red'...u are firewalled. the link above should provide the info to 'open the wall'...if not, check the 'technobabble forum'...probably a thread in there somewhere...good luck

2005-08-26, 10:32 AM
You are so firewalled. Read the forwarding ports FAQs.

2005-08-26, 10:34 AM
and post technical questions in the Technobabble (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=4) forum.

2005-08-26, 10:35 AM
i'ma move this to Techno forum...you should get more help there Virginiasgrin

2005-08-26, 11:10 AM
Is this a number that would be from the ethernet connection? the 6000 numbered ports are all open

2005-08-26, 12:05 PM
That is the port that your client is trying to use for BT. What client are you using?

2005-08-26, 12:09 PM
I'm using ABC, but it's really slow

2005-08-26, 12:27 PM
Get the ports that ABC is using for you (Action > Preferences > Network tab > Minimum port and Maximum port). Those are the ports you need to forward through your router/modem and also through your XP firewall. I have a couple of links in my sig to help you out with that.

2005-08-26, 01:44 PM
I switched to Auzereus and am now d/l ing at about 75 kBs wich seems more reasonable. Atleast I'm down to less than a day............Thanks for the help and the great site!

2005-08-26, 10:16 PM
Checked the statistics and I am again firewalled onport 6881!!!!!!!!!!how can this be happening??????????