View Full Version : Switched my FLAC/WAV collection to WMAL

2014-03-19, 12:45 AM
The question: Will WMAL last? I want to move to Linux and perhaps someone can suggest a nice interface that's not VCL.

I made the switch a few years ago using dbpoweramp. Mostly taking from cds which were flac>wav for cd burning; I took my extensive collection under a major conversion to wma lossless, thinking that an external HD was a better way to handle music than a dresser full of 2k cds. Was this a foolish mistake?

I was in love with the zune at the time and now I'm not that in love with Microsoft or Bill Gates. The Zune format handled all of my metadata (pain stakenly placed over the course of months++ with artwork) and was a far better feature to iTunes/Wmedia player in my personal preference.

1. Is it a compromise to move from flac>wav>wmal>?
2. Is Linux a stability for wma? Good as a media center?

My setup: PC (source)- Z87M Extreme4 w/ Realtek ALC1150 > Marantz 4300 Quad > JBL L80t3

2014-03-26, 06:20 PM
Was this a foolish mistake?
The real mistake was burning anything to CDDA in the first place, if anything, but that's another story.

I'd suggest just converting your WMAL collection to a lossless format that works well with your prospective software environment. That's the beauty of lossless compression.

Maybe keep the WMAL files as a backup if you're paranoid, but as things are right now it looks like FLAC (for example) is here to stay anyway.