View Full Version : Would anyone be able to help me transfer a MD Recording.

2005-08-18, 01:45 AM
I Just got back from my first show taping and I have a minor issue.....I dont know how to transfer MD to CD. I wanted to know if someone could help me figure it out or if I could send the tape for transfer?

The Recorder is a
Sony MD Walkman Digital Recorder

2005-08-18, 03:27 AM
the only way I've ever been able to do it is to play it back whilst plugged into your Line in socket and capture it using something like Audiograbber (freeware). Of course it's in real time and it takes as long as it takes, gives you chance to listen for glitches I guess

2005-08-18, 09:25 AM
do you mean "transfer it for you" or "walk yu thru the steps"?

2005-08-18, 11:41 AM
When I bought the recorder it didnt have any kind of usb transfer chords or anything and my soundcard sucks thats why I wanted to see if someone could help me out transfering it :)

2005-08-18, 12:00 PM
Hi parachutestx

i can help you but it depends where you live ... i live in France and perhaps somebody in the board is nearer than me.

I used to record show with a MZr30 and make my transfer on CD with a Sony Deck (with the optical or coaxial to a CDR Deck)

Now i have a NJB3 so when i want to transfer an old show, i connect my MD deck to my NJB3 then do a USB transfer on PC ...

i'm on vacation between 26/08 and 04/09 so PM me after if nobody contact you


2005-08-18, 12:48 PM
Well I live in Dallas TX but if it doesnt work out Id be willing to send overseas