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2013-10-22, 12:24 PM
My Nirvana torrent was pulled from circulation because some asshole complained and complained and complained until he got his way.


Yet these INFERIOR versions of the same tapes remain on the tracker, and are downloaded every day.


There are lots of torrents on TTD that not only contain official material, but material taken STRAIGHT from official releases. Beatles, Dylan, you name it. Yet nothing is done about these at all.

Do we just pull things willy-nilly around here when people complain?

Moderators aren't responding so I figured I would air my dirty laundry in public, with the hope that someone could explain this nonsense to me.

2013-10-22, 12:46 PM
What part of this did you not understand exactly?
The Paramount show from 10/31/91 has been released, in full, with video.

You may buy it here:

We do not allow official material on the tracker at TTD so I am pulling this.

If you'd like to upload without the officially released material, please do.
...the 2 links you provided to the OR'd show that caused your torrent to be pulled have been pulled. The other 2 are not official releases and allowed. If you got a legitimate link that shows they have been sold, they'll be pulled as well. In the end, it's a torrent on a website, not the f'n cure for cancer, get over it.

2013-10-22, 12:52 PM
The other two shows are no different from the Paramount show. PARTS have been officially released. These are the uncut shows. The official release of the full Paramount show is a completely different mix. Aren't different mixes of official releases allowed? Based on the way this tracker runs, it shouldn't have been pulled.

This show http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=67299 was officially released. But apparently it's allowed because it's a different mix. How is the Nirvana Pararmount show any different?

Here's another show that was officially released, but is allowed because it's a different mix http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=106979, again, no different from the Nirvana Paramount show.

Unless there is something YOU don't understand?

2013-10-22, 02:26 PM

2013-10-22, 02:34 PM
You got any video of Cobain shooting himself? if indeed he did...

2013-10-22, 03:34 PM
yes, but not with acceptable lineage, can't up that here sorry :wave:

2013-10-22, 06:06 PM
You got any video of Cobain shooting himself?
I'd love to see that...tis a shame there aren't more over rated douchebags, such as Steve Wilson, doing the world a favor by following his excellent example.

PARTS have been officially released.
Unlike some sites, we've never pulled shows for a handful of songs being OR'd.

The Band, probably shouldn't have been allowed, it's now inactive

The Grateful Dead does not care about anything torrent related except rips of the actual OR's.

Unless there is something YOU don't understand?
Keep linking examples and reporting if YOU want, it's not going to change the out come.
If YOU don't like the reply, feel free to start YOUr own tracker and allow whatever YOU want.

I repeat....In the end, it's a torrent on a website, not the f'n cure for cancer, get over it.

2013-10-22, 08:29 PM
Okay, I'll do that, smart ass. Thanks.

2013-10-22, 09:09 PM
you got Schmoe'd

We moderate on a case-by-case basis, using the FAQ as guide.

We really do try to adhere as closely as possible. I spent a good bit of time listening to your torrent and researching exactly what it was, all while you bashed me and talked shit about other torrents. I didn't just pull it because one guy complained.

I (and most mods) prefer to focus on one torrent at a time. Yours had multiple reports, so I looked into it as thoroughly as I could. You brought up others.. we looked into them and made calls on those, too. Schmoe has already detailed that for you.

I understand you are not happy with the outcome but, since the only way you'd be happy is for your torrent to continue, that's just how it is.

The reason for the pull is detailed in succinct fashion, in the thread (and now this one). Your concerns about other torrents, which have no bearing on this one, were also addressed, as thoroughly as possible.

Thank you for using TTD.

2013-10-22, 09:13 PM
You got any video of Cobain shooting himself? if indeed he did...

yes, but not with acceptable lineage, can't up that here sorry :wave:

I'm pretty sure we'd grant a pass, for this. Although, if it existed, TV would have posted it by now :thumbsup

2013-10-22, 10:39 PM
Is this in anyway related to why, despite the stats showing hundreds or thousands of threads in the "Pulled Video Torrents" and "Pulled Audio Torrents" sub forums respectively, only the two most recent "pulls" visible?

2013-10-22, 10:43 PM
from the annoucement post, in that forum, from 2004:

Pulled torrents will stay here, inactive, for a week. Users and seeders can view them, and make corrections to their seed to try again, or read why we have not accepted the seed for that period of time. After this, they will be purged from our database.

there's simply no reason to catalog unused threads for very long.

2013-10-22, 10:51 PM
Gotcha, thanks. Never really looked much in those threads, just thought I'd check out the hoopla. I'll have to be quicker next time.

2013-10-24, 10:48 AM
The Pulled Audio/Video forums are set to only show threads/posts from the last month. You can see more by changing the Display Options on the bottom of the page.

2013-10-24, 11:49 AM
Is this a very recent change? It would seem to me helpful to retain this database, at least for staff, to aid when the next guy tries to up the same unacceptable show.

Sorry if this isn't the right forum for that question.

2013-11-07, 03:07 AM
I think there really ought to be a reason posted about why a torrent is pulled - so that people can see them and know the mistakes / errors / ??? and learn from them... Sometimes there is a notice about what was "wrong" with a pulled torrent, but a lot of them seem to not have this. What's the point of showing things that aren't here if there's no lesson to be learned from them?

2013-11-07, 06:34 AM
we usually make a note in the thread.

If there isn't one, it has usually been discussed with the seeder (most of our pulls % comes from seeders asking their own torrents to be pulled, believe it or not).

2013-11-07, 06:53 AM
Discussing it with the seeder is one thing, sure, and having a seeder discover they've made an error or whatever reason they have to not want a torrent to run is fine, but what I'm saying is that, as a potential teaching tool for n00bs, etc., that ALL pulled torrents MUST have a REASON clearly stated by the mod that pulls them (even if it's that a seeder just doesn't want the torrent posted anymore or whatever the problem might be...)

I know you folks volunteer your time, and it ain't an easy job to do for free, but in the interest of making knowledge available that in turn might make your jobs easier, is taking another 40 seconds to add a final post to a pulled torrent that big a thing? A new poster that might read the pulled torrents and see a reason that a torrent pulled by example might not make that mistake. I think that this is a missed opportunity not to be doing this all the time...

Here's an example. One is now running fine, but the pulled torrent posting looks identical with no reason why it was originally pulled. If someone looks at both of them, you start to wonder, well, why?

2013-11-09, 07:11 PM
it doesn't matter.
since the torrent was posted again, as you noticed... and less than 24 hrs, just assume he screwed up the upload, asked to delete it and posted it again.

that happens a lot. The majority of our reported posts are seeders asking for their own torrents to be pulled so they can try again.

I do always try to post a note if I pull something but not everyone does that, generally because they don't have time.

2015-03-23, 08:04 PM
Hmmmm . . . different strokes for different folks . . .

2015-03-23, 08:29 PM
It really doesn't matter anymore. I'll download and seed and keep a good ratio, but to put in 4 to 5 hours into a video upload only to have it pulled with a snide comment, no thank you . . . there a examples of where other members uploads were fine with the PAL-NTSC mix up, yet they are seed able . . .

2015-03-28, 02:25 PM
I recently posted in the thread of a show that someone had posted that I had the show on a CD as an official release. They pulled the show promptly. I was not trying to say that I know more than they did about the show or its release status, in fact I hoped that they would have told me my CD was also a boot as it had more songs from the show, but oh well that wasn't the case.

2015-03-29, 04:20 PM
We can't see everything or know every release, and that's one reason for the report button. And for things like this, we appreciate users like azdanger using it and helping us out.


2015-04-01, 04:45 AM
Bunch of trouble makers. ^^^ This one is the real pain in the ass.