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2013-05-21, 03:15 PM
Hello dudes,

Since 2011 I'm recording shows with a ZOOM Q3 HD. This one has really good mics but,unfortunately,it can record audio just "lossy" (but with a great quality). My setup is AAC3 320 kbps 48 Khz,which I think is enough good for an audio recording. A few days ago I uploaded a Melvins show (totally unsurfaced before) on another torrent tracker and they banned the torrent 'cause their rules doesn't allow lossy formats.
The files are already spliced in tracks,converted from their original MOV to WAV,then to FLACs.
I read TTD rules about lossy formats but this isn't exactly mp3 or similar,so I don't know how to do.
Can I upload my torrent here? I really want to spread it out this one,and others will follow if I can do it.
Please,let me know your thoughts about this format and my specific cause.

P.s. Sorry for the not-so-good English (I'm Italian).

Thanks for your attention


2013-05-21, 04:40 PM
unfortunately we don't allow any lossy audio formats, even if its the orig. recording format...but there's plenty of other trackers out there that would allow it, so don't be discouraged by it

and cheers for tapin the Melvins! :thumbsup

2013-05-23, 07:33 AM
Since 2011 I'm recording shows with a ZOOM Q3 HD.
That's a video camera, right? Is the video footage good quality?

You will be able to get around the 'lossy' aspect of your audio recording on most trackers if you convert the MOV file into a standard DVD. DVDs are permitted to have AC3 audio.