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New TTD Features

I figured maybe I should have one thread to just post new stuff that we've added to the site. I'm not gonna go back to the beginning, just hit a couple of things that have happened since the beginning of the year.

Torrent Thread Validation

The mods are going through each thread to look for specific things - the correct type of fingerprints, lineage, gspot info, etc. You, as the seeder, may see a note left at the top of your screen if they require your attention. You may see any of the following notes.

If you didn't provide st5s with your shn or ape files:

If you didn't provide st5s or flac fingerprints with your flac files:

If you didn't provide audio/video bitrate/codec information with your video upload:

Something else is required, so please see the post by the moderator:

I think this went into effect at the beginning of the year. If you fix the problem, the mods should come along and get rid of that note at the top of the thread.
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