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Re: Downloaded now Seeding - What Does That Mean?

its general etiquette to seed back as much as you download [a 1:1 ratio]

it looks like you stopped seeding right now, so what you should do is re-open the .torrent file, point utorrent to the original folder [which it will check and verify all files are there], and then should begin seeding want to leave it seeding until you've shared at least the amount you d/l'ed

if you look next to your screenname in the post above you will see 3 numbers, at the moment yours reads:
29.25 MB/568.75 MB/0.05

the 29.95 is in green, this is how much you've uploaded...the number in blue is how much you've downloaded...your ratio in red is .05 at the moment [meaning you've only seeded 5% back] want to keep your ratio above a 1.0 as good etiquette

also, ya might want to read thru our FAQ for more info on some of the terminology and "rules" when it comes to bittorrent and this site in particular...the Glossary can be found here

and feel free to post any questions you have here in Technobabble...good luck!
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