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Re: Fitting two dvd files on one dvd

Originally Posted by Kstyle View Post
Wondering if anyone knows of a way around this one. Mostly when I burn a dvd file it's 3 gb or more, but sometimes when it's a gig I really want to squeeze one or two more small shows on the same dvd. BUT, Nero and all my other programs say that there can only be one TSO etc files. I've tried renaming the VOB files, etc, and it will then burn them...but I can only watch the original show even though the dvd now has both burned on it.
Is there a way to rename the files or otherwise fit two or three small shows onto one dvd? Seems waste to have 30 dvds when it could all fit onto 10 or 15.
If you have two DVD folders you can merge them into one with DVD2one.
I don't know about menus though.

Another thing you can do is rip each small DVD into a single VOB and reauthor them in a DVD authoring program, and create your own menu.
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