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Re: DMCA claim received

Originally Posted by finksy View Post
I just thought I would let everyone here know that I received a DMCA Notification of Claimed Copyright Infringement notice for sharing a file I downloaded using a torrent file from The Traders Den. This was a live show and not a commercially available recording. It appears that even though The Traders Den is not considered one of the major torrent sites, you are taking a risk. The Traders Den no longer appears to be under the radar (as I thought) and is being monitored.

The Traders Den and dimeadozen were both featured in Rolling Stone Magazine in an article about 'the best bootleg sites' iirc. You can't get much more above the radar than that.
I think it's been mentioned in other nationwide publications before too and that was probably 10 yrs or so ago.

The DMCA you received probably had more to do with who you shared it with than where you got it from.
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