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Re: Modīs, please allowed MP4 video to trade on TTD

Originally Posted by uni-fi View Post
I say neigh...Would the MP4 rip of that same shitty VHS be as good as the uncompressed rip of said shitty VHS?


The same goes for the good quality MP4 releases...there is a better, uncompressed version of the master floating around somewhere.

I agree that MP4 is good, but it is still compressed.

Are you thinking of MP4 audio or something?

'cause all video traded here at TTD is compressed.

Uncompressed video is enormous in size.

DVDs? Allowed. Compressed MP2 video with various audio encodings.
VHS transfer to DVD? Allowed.
Blu-Rays? Allowed...

BluRays contain the same h.264-encoded video found in most modern MP4-wrapped files.

MP4 should definitely be allowed, in my opinion but, some discussion is warranted as to what kind of MP4 we'll allow.

MP4 is a wrapper... the codec inside can be h.264, which is nearly all HD video these days. h.264 has several profiles associated which can be used when encoding - everything from medium quality for tiny screens and devices all the way up to ludicrous quality that hardly any storage medium can hold.

We need to make a decision as to what sort of video in the MP4 shall be allowed and roll with that.

For example, we might not allow all "MP4", as a blanket but we might allow the h.264 codec, profiles 4 and up, in an MP4 wrapper.
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