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Re: TTD Staff: Why don't you follow your own rules?

Originally Posted by sabkisscrue View Post
Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
with one exception - those artists actually own that work.

In this case, the taper is simply a fan and, while very much appreciated, his recording isn't subject to his whims once he gives it out.

but yes, it is the same result. If lawsuits and bully tactics can't stop it in the RIAA's case, why would anyone think some torrent mods could stop it? Besides, as has been noted, it was tried and proved impossible. And people don't like it. If we ban it, it'll just go up 30 secs later in 5 other places.. then it will show up here again when we aren't looking.

Freedom, man. Hard to control it.
Thats just your way of giving up and copping out of your duties as a Mod.
not really. I don't feel like a cop... or copper...

Originally Posted by sabkisscrue
"If we take it down its gonna go up elsewhere".
Thats not an excuse for doing nothing and pissing off someone who can torrent several of his masters, which you may not care about but I'm sure theres plenty of people who would like that alot.
Im gonna say this again, its irrelevant who gets a hold of a tapers recording.
The whole notion, that once he gives out its no longer his, is absurd.
never said it was no longer his, just that he no longer has control over it. You fail to grok the subtle difference.

Originally Posted by sabkisscrue
I gotta say this, dont bite the hand that feeds you. Tapers are what provide not just TTD but the entire trading and downloading community the material that we have. Be on the side of them. I dont care whether you are a Mod or a downloader, have some respect for those who bust their asses and deserve more respect than they are getting
especially from the people who have posted in this thread.
You absolute dense fuck, I have already posted about this directly above. TTD is one of the most taper-friendly sites on the net. You do not suddenly speak for all tapers just because none of us want to revisit this tired, old topic AGAIN.

You are preaching to the choir, here. I'm sorry tapes get traded when people ask others not to do it - but it isn't a new thing did you just tape your first concert or what? If there's a better version to be had, we'll do a swap. We always do. We WILL NOT PULL A SHOW BECAUSE SOME GUY DECIDES HE NO LONGER WANTS IT TRADED after he's handed out copies.

and please do not start that bullshit again about how the show was uncirculated before it was torrented here. That isn't possible.

Many of us have been where you are - but you have to learn you cannot control everything. When the tape goes out, it's out. You cannot moderate the entire internet and the shit you are taping doesn't belong to you, anyway.
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