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Re: TTD Staff: Why don't you follow your own rules?

Originally Posted by sabkisscrue View Post
Dont be naive.
You wouldnt have a lot of what you have in your collection if money wasnt exchanged to begin with.
Originally Posted by sabkisscrue View Post
A trader screwing over another trader is one thing but a terrible policy is what we are talking about here and a general consensus among traders where filmers/tapers wishes are disrespected and thats a huge problem.
You should have the policy where a filmer can request a show of his taken down, regardless if that policy has been misused or abused before. You should on the side of the filmer and a filmer's wishes should supercede any Mod or any policy. Thats how it should be, thats how its always been because these are the ones who provide the material and they deserve the respect. I dont know how you could see it any differently.
What a load of crap. You're asking money on other forums to buy tapes from tapers, which are screwing the artists who gave the permission to film (or not), but you're upset on traders who cheat other traders.
Originally Posted by Baloo
They'll ruin him. They'll make a man out of him.