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Originally Posted by MalFrie View Post
What`s with RIP JamminJimi?
Along with a few other popular Youtube Hendrix channels, JamminJimi was taken down by Sony (they recently got rights to distribute Hendrix songs). MacVoodooChild, Ferry (something else), Ucheriyzz7 (couldn't spell his name properly) and quite a few others are now gone from Youtube.

All you have to do is go to a popular youtube hendrix fan channel like marlowe2219, go on his friends page and see all the gray icons, it's like a Hendrix aficionado hit-list, lol.

Many bootleg hendrix songs are now gone from youtube. Some other random channels have uploaded a few but Ucheriyzz7 (or however you spell his name) uploaded over 600 quality tracks. JamminJimi took rare silent concert footage of Jimi and synced it with sound.
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