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Re: Standalone to Standalone DVD copying Yes or NO?

Originally Posted by slewofboots

Why do you think method #2 is lossy?
I have the same Panasonic machine myself. I'm no expert, but I'll have a bash...

Copying to the internal hard drive involves playing the DVD and recording it in real time onto the hard drive, as if the hard drive was another stand alone player. So the recording is internal, but still a generation down - better quality than the good old days of hooking up two VHS recorders with coaxial cable of course, but you're still re-encoding the video from the original quality to the SP or XP settings on the Panasonic.

I've noticed that shows I've tape off TV on the SP setting show up on torrent sites as much smaller files - it seems that sampling directly into a computer and maybe even demuxing (no idea what that means, but I asked a poster here and that was his explanation) gives broadcast quality and takes up much less memory - my guess is that XP might be encoding shows at too high a rate, but Panasonic SP can be a little blocky at times, so you can't win.... and if I'm not mistaken, the audio recording is much better at the XP setting than the SP setting too...

Hope that's cleared it up - unless I'm completely wrong

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