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Standalone to Standalone DVD copying Yes or NO?

I need some feed back from you guys and girls. Three questions. Giv e me reasons why I am right or wrong.

I have pal who see's no problem linking a DVD player to his panasonic DVD recorder and copying DVDs from the player to a Panasonic standalone recorder. He does this when certain discs will not play on his Panasonic recorder, I say its the ultimate NO NO, I am right or wrong. He knows people capture old VHS/Beta to DVD this way so cannot understand why its wrong to copy DVDs this way.

He has a Panasonic E85 with a hard drive, at times he also puts a disc in the disc tray and copies it to his hard drive on the E85, then cuts out stuff he does not like and adds stuff he likes then burns back to disc to trade out, now I may be worn but I still consider this a no no as I am sure its still a lossy way to copy, minor perhaps but still not really the way to do it.

I think that all copying and editing of DVDs should only ever be done on a PC/Mac etc using editing and authoring software IE TMPGENC or somthing similar, am I right or wrong.

The guy is asking me for advice and when I give it he's like "You might be right, but no one else has complained so I see no problem" He doubts me.
So your feed back on each question is appreciated even if I am totally wrong, I am gonna send him a load of your replies to let him see its not just me who is being fussy.
I hope?
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