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Re: TTD Staff: Why don't you follow your own rules?

Originally Posted by Homebrew101 View Post

[based on this part

"only the plaintiff has the right to sell merchandise bearing the Festival Trademarks at and near the Festival."
I interpret the lawsuit to only have bearing on merchandise like t-shirts etc. that might name the festival not recordings made at the fest
Possibly, but it's just as likely that anyone zealous enough in filing a pre-emptive lawsuit would be delighted in bringing action against anyone caught in the act of taping or filming on the Festival's premesis.

OR possibly filing suit against any domestically based B/T site hosting the music after the fact.

rspencer would like to take a shot, but might I suggest that he doesn't inform the Festival promoters before-hand of his intentions nor should he supply them with his name and address once the captures begin to be shared on any domestic B/T site.

Anyway, if they were to file action against this site, we all know who's name would be on the suit, and it ain't jameskg's..........

Those Mile High Music Festival people come across as fucking crazy, and though an individual might prevail in litigation, the real winners in such a lawsuit are ALWAYS the lawyers who get paid 500. per hour.

Much as I admire rspencer, I don't wish to see him spending a single motherfucking cent to prove he's within his rights.

YMMV, homebrew101.... though I feel the same towards you, pal, I don't wanna know bad enough to see you tied up in litigation, ok?
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