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Re: TTD Staff: Why don't you follow your own rules?

Originally Posted by sabkisscrue View Post
For any Mod to have the passive aggressive attitude
"we dont care",
thats not Mod behavior. A mod should be above it all,
and fair and above all, respectful. That is a Mod.
Not someone who doesnt care. Dont call yourself a Mod
if your attitude is I dont care. If thats your attitude, step
down. You wanna be a Mod, than handle it and do something.
Above all, you must be respectful and never give off the
impression you arent willing to do something just because
you dont feel like it. Understand that there wouldnt be a dvd
to upload if this person didnt put the work into it, so show
some respect to him and take it down.
My attitude is not passive aggressive. I actively believe that our policy is correct. This has nothing to do with me "not feeling like it." FM99 came in here with a piss poor attitude and I let him know our reasons.

You act like I don't understand the issue. My recordings get put up on blog sites as mp3's. I don't like that. I get it.